A Different World

A Different World

After a year in the Maryland, USA, where I grew up, I missed my new home in Trinidad terribly. The lush scenery, the food, the lifestyle and the way I can be myself without my blackness being at the forefront of my thoughts.

Still, I couldn’t have chosen a better place than the Baltimore Jewelry Center to develop my skills. The studio, the equipment, the teachers were all exactly what I’d hoped for. I fell in love with the process of wax carving and casting but learned also the necessities of business management and marketing. Yet it was not all about making and selling jewelry; rather, they kept art in the forefront always. The studio was my second home, and the hour it took to get there was worth it. I’ll be going back for sure. 

Jewelry designer Malika Green setting up a display table

I was accepted at the American Craft Council's American Craft Handmade - St. Paul (ACC) show happening this week, Yayyy! I asked my teacher Shana for advice on how to prepare and she introduced me to a whole new world of juried art shows I didn’t know existed. I applied for others to prepare for the ACC. Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, Massachusetts was the first one to accept my work and I attended back in May. It was the best advice. One of the most encouraging experiences I had so far. Now I’m in the final stages of preparation for three additional shows scheduled for October and November.


Stockley Gardens Art Festival -  October 15 and 16, Norfolk, VA

Estero Fine Arts Show -  October 22 and 23, Fort Myers, FL

Art Harvest - November 5 and 6, Dunedin, FL

So it’s all work and little play (you better believe I made some time for the beach), but what glorious work is making art.

Also...the new shop is up and still in progress.  Check out all the new designs here and feel free to send me any feedback to info@malikarachelledesigns.com. 

Thanks for following and happy shopping!

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PS:   A few other notes...my hair was long, now it's not.  I got new glasses.  And I have become obsessed with tiny homes.


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